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School Visits
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School Visits

I’d love to speak at your school! My programs can be adapted for any age, kindergartners through high school. (But do not put all these age groups in the same audience! My books for teens are not appropriate for elementary school and vice versa!)

For Large Groups
(up to 120 students)

Beginnings, Middles and Ends,
- or -
Once upon a time a kid woke up, went to school
and then came home. The End. BO-RING!!!!

This multi-media presentation takes kids through the planning and execution of short written pieces, both fictional stories and personal essays. Ideas discussed include: What hooks a reader right from the beginning? What keeps a reader rapt through the middle? What gives a reader a satisfied smile at the end? Students (and teachers and parents) will leave itching to write! This program lasts 40-60 minutes depending on the age of the students and includes a Q & A.

The Top-Secret, Super-Special, Unbelievable Truth About Being an Author.
This multi-media presentation takes students through a day in the life of an author. I will also talk about getting the ideas for my books and the process of writing them, all the way from the first draft, to seeing the illustrations, to finding my books on the shelves of libraries and book stores. Students (and teachers and parents) will leave with a better understanding of this amazing career! This program lasts 40-60 minutes depending on the age of the students and includes a Q&A.

For Smaller Groups
(up to 40 students)

Writing With Your Senses
(appropriate for elementary school)

This interactive workshop shows students how to bring their writing to life using sensory details. Part mini-lesson, part discussion and plenty of hands-on activity and writing time! This workshop lasts 30-45 minutes depending on the age of the students. In class assignments and activities also vary with age.

Driving Across America Without a Map—How to plan your story or essay.
(for grades 6 and up)

Staring at a blank paper can be seriously stress-inducing, even for those of us who make our living from writing. I’ll give students tips and techniques for getting started and organizing first thoughts. This workshop is full of activities that spur student participation, and teachers will be provided with copies of all worksheets and tip sheets for future use.

For more information on school visits, rates or to receive a brochure please contact me at:

Teacher's Guides

Guide to Louie Burger
or Black & White

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